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Factors to Consider When Approaching A Website Redesign

When a website is created, it most likely meets all the needs and expectations set forth – and the thought of coming back to it again is non-existent. The reality is that every business grows and needs to update their web design to keep up with technological, user and business needs and expectations. There are countless factors as to why a company, even if it is thriving, should embark on a redesign of their website with front-running reasons including usability, SEO, conversions and mobile accessibility. These revenue driving reasonings usually direct a company to redesign, however, there are many hidden factors both during, and after, a redesign that a company must consider and build strategic plans for. Content Strategy From the very start of a site redesign, content should be driving design. In order to build a new site that is truly reflective of the product or service it represents, the […]

2 years, 7 months ago
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The Hidden Menu and Effective UI

A website design trend that has really taken hold is the hidden menu. This is the application of a site hiding their menu navigation when a visitor first lands on the main page. The hidden menu information becomes visible when the visitor is ready to move on to additional information and clicks on the requested icon. The hidden menu used in the design shown below is a nod to the popular mobile hamburger menu, which is a widely used technique of responsive design. With the rise of mobile use, this UI technique has become an such an intuitive feature for the user that it is beginning to be regularly carried over into the overall design of a site. The hidden menu application lends a great deal for user interface design and usability in keeping the user highly engaged due to the fact that information is  clearly illuminated, not being overwhelmed by mass amounts of initial content. […]

3 years, 1 day ago