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#LeanUX – Insights Into a Greater User Experience

I had the pleasure of listening to an insightful webinar this morning about Lean UX, presented by Jeff Gothelf. He took the time to explain the different ways organizations can optimize their existing assets, going into detail about the ways that it can help all types of businesses. Many times, large organizations considering lean UX are put off, as they associate the term with startups and/or small businesses. These corporations and agencies don’t believe that lean UX is the ideal route for them. They are mistaken. Perhaps it is because the term’s definition isn’t widely known. Essentially, it involves a set of principles that guide you to a better and more sustainable solution for your users. Who wouldn’t find that desirable? In fact, because of their domain and customer expertise, larger corporations actually have more resources at their disposal to create the best user experience possible. Using each tool at […]

4 years, 6 months ago