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5 Benefits of a Mobile First Design Approach

Traditionally, web designers begin the design of an interface design with sketches, ideation and wireframing from a desktop point of view. Nauturally, this has been the progression as personal computers were for the most part tethered to a users desk. With the trend shifting to a a heavily mobile using audience, designers must adapt to the differences and challenges in user experience that a smaller screen brings. Acknowledging the growing need for a user centered and consistent approach to mobile design, the development of Responsive Web Design was born. Working to ensure the optimal in UX, RWD consists of incorporating design elements that allow a page to respond to the screen size, and device, that a browser is using to view that page. Design elements must include different screen sizes to ensure a uniform experience across devices instead of just designing for one device. In Responsive Web Design, instead of a mobile site with […]

4 years, 2 months ago