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UI Design and Integration of User Experience

Whether you’re designing a website or an app, UI design plays a critical role either project’s success. The interface is what gets users engaged into using the website or app in a way you want them to. A well designed user interface can open the doors to achieving your website’s or app’s goals while a poorly designed one closes them off. Many businesses understand this concept but they don’t think about creating the optimal UX design (user experience) in conjunction with the UI. While UI is the actual tool which users use to interact with a website or app, UX is the actual interaction or experience. This can be hard to understand, so the best way to explain it is through an example. The UI on a website is the navigation menu which is usually located on the top or sidebar. The UX is the purpose behind the navigation and […]

4 years, 7 months ago
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UI/UX Design and Strategy for Tech Platforms

Whether your organization is designing an educational platform, mobile app, desktop app, or SAAS platform, it’s important that you put heavy emphasis on UI/UX design. The UI and UX impacts everything from the user’s ability to learn, the amount of value gained from using the platform/app, to length of customer lifetime value. It might seem like a gargantuan task to make this a part of your development process and that actually may be true, however, coming up with a strategy for implementing UI and UX design can make it easier. The first step is to understand that UI is simply a part of UX. UI is a big part of UX and will impact UX significantly. Once you understand this, you can focus on the UI to build the foundation for the platform you are working on. The UX can come later once you get a good understanding of how […]

4 years, 11 months ago
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Interface Design for LMS Educational Platforms

More companies and organizations are using online platforms and LMS (Learning Management Systems) to educate and train their teams, customers and partners. While the quality of the content is definitely an important part of providing a great education, educational platforms still need to be built so that the interface design is intuitive and the content is organized in an easily consumable manner. Doing this will result in improved learning, increased retention and decreased need for support. At our firm we often collaborate with organizations by helping them make sense on their LMS. These kinds of projects are often challenging but very much fun. LMS platforms are typically complex and offer a lot of different ways for integration. Throughout the years we worked on variety of third party LMS, custom made and open source LMS platforms. Here is an article we wrote based on our research and experiences. Learning management systems […]

5 years, 1 month ago