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Marcus Ferreira Marcus Ferreira @pixelpreto

keyboards have labels on each key. The skilled typist can type without looking at it, and who needs have a look can…

4 days ago
Kathy Kathy @meetnerdykat

It’s so important that social handles are EASY TO FIND on websites/apps!

What do y’all 🤔?
#UserExperience #UserResearch #UserInterface

4 days ago
Jonathan Aufray ☕ Jonathan Aufray ☕ @JonathanAufray

“A User Interface Is Like A Joke. If You Have To Explain It, It’s Not That Good.”

#UserInterface #UI

4 days ago
Henlo. Henlo. @agusnursalimm

Need an unique and eye catching app icon design? This gigs just for you!

#app #icon

1 week ago
People for Research People for Research @people4research

Tests show that #VoiceAssistants still lack critical intelligence | Soon, any device we can interact with will have…

1 week ago
Justinmind Justinmind @just_in_mind

Voice user interfaces are a growing presence in the UX world – but makes a good voice UI? Check out these key usabi…

1 week ago
Guy Butterati Guy Butterati @guybutterati

When I design an User Interface I love to blend it with the interior style… Here a realization for Akumendo ( akum…

2 weeks ago
DITC International DITC International @ditcng

If you aim for moon, you just might reach a star. Your satisfaction is our number one priority

2 weeks ago
Markus Theuretzbacher Markus Theuretzbacher @maxonlineat

Nichts und niemand hält einen motivierten Menschen auf, der das tut was er liebt! 💪👍 Vollgas rein ins laaaange Woch…

1 month ago
Digiwibes Digiwibes @digiwibes

5 Challenges In Web Application Development-:

– User Interface and User Experience
– Scalability
– Performance

1 month ago

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