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The Organized UI: Prioritizing Content Through Visual Hierarchy

When planning out an interface with any amount of information, there is content, in both visual and contexual format, that must be organized for the maximum user experience. Using type, color, contrast, shape, placement and scale, among other layout qualities – a designer can organize elements on a page so that users gets a sense of visual importance – leading them to a greater chance of engagement. With the great deal of weight placed on user experience and pathways today, visual hierarchy can be a great instrument in the toolbox of a ui designer and site owner. Both content creators and designers must align to create a strategy for prioritizing their content. Benefits of Using Visual Hierarchy Hierarchy guides the user from one element to the next, ideally in a flow that corresponds to the content’s message. Creating a visual hierarchy provides a bird’s eye view on how to design so that users engage with […]

7 years, 14 days ago
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The Importance of Consistency In UI Design

They may not be aware of it, but users who have become familiar with specific elements in design behave in a certain way; depending on the intended result, designers must be vigilant to optimize their interface for user experience. Consistency and predictability go a long way when establishing a positive brand association, and that concept applies fully to user interface (UI) design. Elements as seemingly simple as control buttons, navigational details, and toolbars have an effect on the impression made with site interaction. Going deeper into each component (for example), there are different ways to structure basic elements like check boxes – implementing check lists is best when the boxes are placed vertically, drawing the eye to its natural scrolling motion that has become prevalent throughout web design (in this case, users are already familiar with the parallax scrolling phenomenon that has swept through design – knowing that fact and structuring […]

7 years, 1 month ago