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5 Truths of Iterative Design

Among design methodologies in the digital sphere, the use of Iterative Design is one of the most rigorous – and effective. Tapping into a cycle of bordering on obsessive optimization, iteration is a regenerating process whose effects can be felt and seen long after a launch. In its wake, iterative design can drastically improve functionality, build needed components to a platform and add a positive complexity. Though highly effective, its important to be aware of the sometimes hard truths that a project tapping into an iterative strategy can face. #1: Iterative Design is Best Implemented Early Iteration should begin on a project immediately, with concepts coming into fruition through prototyping and concepting. The review/analyze/test phase is entered – refinements are made and prototyped again. Its important that the cycle is run through rapid iteration, so ideas have a chance at success and don’t get stale. #2: An Iterative Process is a Hands-On Approach An […]

6 years, 7 months ago
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8 Simple Truths of Responsive Design

It’s become clear that Responsive Design is no longer a trend. Delivering an across the board optimized user experience no matter the device can bring far reaching benefits and help a newly launching brand or existing organization widen their audience. The fact of the matter is that sites not utilizing responsive design are simply missing out on readily available customers. This ‘leg up’ can help a brand build trust and gain advantage over their competition. So why are people still designing and redesigning sites that don’t utilize this necessary innovation? A few ‘simple truths’ of RWD: Responsive Web Design Is Evolving…and Improving. Originally, responsive design was just about fitting a new screen size. Now, design elements must include different screen sizes to ensure a uniform experience across devices instead of just designing for one device. New approaches to CSS are taking this into account. It’s Not Just About Devices. Getting a […]

6 years, 9 months ago