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Immersive UI: Delivering a Authentic Digital Experience

There is little doubt that because designers today are deeply committed to advocating for user needs, that User Experience is paramount in the quest for the ideal digital environment. For a brand to make a truly authentic connection to a user, it must extend many aspects of its persona throughout the digital experience. From initial perceptions to emotions and behavioral responses – the more connective the experience is, the deeper the loyalty between and brand and user will be. Forging these connections through a screen can be a challenge, even more so as mobile usage continues to rise. Its now more important than ever to deliver an interface design that captures the true experience of the brand it represents. By using a combination of visual, contextual, graphic and textual elements – a brand can make digital connections like never before. Leveraging new developments in interactivity and design technique, a website can now be an immersive experience – leading […]

5 years, 3 months ago