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5 Truths of Iterative Design

Among design methodologies in the digital sphere, the use of Iterative Design is one of the most rigorous – and effective. Tapping into a cycle of bordering on obsessive optimization, iteration is a regenerating process whose effects can be felt and seen long after a launch. In its wake, iterative design can drastically improve functionality, build needed components to a platform and add a positive complexity. Though highly effective, its important to be aware of the sometimes hard truths that a project tapping into an iterative strategy can face. #1: Iterative Design is Best Implemented Early Iteration should begin on a project immediately, with concepts coming into fruition through prototyping and concepting. The review/analyze/test phase is entered – refinements are made and prototyped again. Its important that the cycle is run through rapid iteration, so ideas have a chance at success and don’t get stale. #2: An Iterative Process is a Hands-On Approach An […]

6 years, 7 months ago