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Minimalism: Keeping It Simple

When approaching a new user interface design, a new designer may consider boldness, brightness, and many calls-to-action to be the leading way to shape a website or app. There are countless features to advertise, to write and inform viewers about – consequently, startups may feel that the more icons on the page, the better, filling up a new site so that it looks complete and experienced, ready to compete with sites that have dominated the industry for years. But – how about simplicity? Clean, clear lines that display your company’s message in three sentences or less, with engaging graphics and confident, coordinated colors that embody your vision without needless clutter. Though complexity may work for some companies, most run into the danger of writing and producing so much content that the user or reader simply gives up halfway through. Many sites have lost potential clients to this phenomenon. Keeping a […]

7 years, 2 months ago