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5 UI Design Features to Implement When Working With Luxury Brands

While its true that some luxury brands have been slower to adapt to the digital sphere, its clear that a web presence is key to engaging customers at any level. No longer do high priced items have to be purchased solely in a traditional commerce setting, and it’s increasingly critical for a luxury brand to portray an accurate digital experiential representation of their brand, products and services offered. The ‘luxury’ brand experience to many evokes a sense of exclusivity, impeccable customer service and of course an outstanding product offering. In a traditional setting, this is achieved through the environment and personnel. To achieve this feeling in a digital setting, the focus must be placed initially on the user interface design to achieve the optimal user experience. Foremost, attention to detail is key. Providing as much information about the products and services offered at a granular level is paramount to the success […]

5 years, 10 months ago
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Trending: Best Practices in Scrolling Types

Standard scrolling is not a new trend, though the proper implementation of it’s features are a hotly contested debate. With sites developing more in depth content and the prevalence of parallax and animated sites as well as constant information stream applications, the approach of scrolling is evolving to site and content specifications. Scrolling is an integral aspect of many programs and applications – allowing an easier flow of communication to the user, providing a more engaging experience. With 3 general types of scrolling – full page, parallax and infinite – the implementation has become almost essential for todays information processing. Full Page Scrolling As the most standard approach, full page scrolling has become very popular with the widespread use of mobile devices. Smaller screens force the user to almost constantly scroll to read all the content on the page. Users are very comfortable with scrolling because of this full page […]

6 years, 3 months ago
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Bringing UX to Life with Parallax

The concept of parallax is scientifically fascinating. Used as a point of reference to align oneself when observing more distant objects, parallax was built from the multiplane camera technique and was used in classic animation since the 1930s. Since it builds dimension and makes the user experience seem almost 3-D, websites have heartily embraced the effect, including it in design and creating an interactive user experience. Creating dimension through a layering effect, it enhances the illusion of depth and draws viewers’ attention. Allowing for the creation of a charismatic, interactive user experience, with the potential to improve overall visual appeal, this method has blasted the web design industry forward. Parallax displaces the apparent positions of objects viewed along two different lines of sight – put simply, it is the way that we obtain depth from what we perceive and align ourselves. The scrolling effects allow the user to consume content […]

6 years, 4 months ago