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Kicking Off A User Interface Project With Purpose

The process of user interface design tends to be a shifting maze of discovery from project inception to delivery. Many developers and designers kick off a project with the best of intentions only to come up with an interface that doesn’t seem to fully align with the original idea or purpose. User interface design is not just about making an idea fit into a box. There is an immense amount of work that goes into providing a great user experience and great interface design. It is a dynamic process where test results are constantly used and updated, and feedback is analyzed to change the design and structure of the UI. Meet the audience halfway and they  will be of great assistance in optimizing an ideal branding strategy. Find Purpose The underlying foundation of every website or application must be, of course, to embrace aesthetic and remain easily navigable for users. Coupled with clean, original design, the interface’s usability is the key to a website’s […]

5 years, 7 months ago