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UI Design: Bridging the Gap Between Simplicity and Complexity

Both determining if a user interface needs a redesign, and the task of designing it is no simple feat. The process involved can be ardouos, involving many steps, stakeholders and time. While a UI redesign at the onset may seem like a cut and dry endeavor, it is critical to understand the inner workings of how an optimal end product is produced and the challenges that will almost certainly arise as the project unfolds. Engaging in a UI redesign usually means that a site is either outdated or is not working ideally for the user. Aspects in consideration could be as simple as a navigation restructure to content all the way to image curation. Each project has it’s own set of goals specific to the company it represents, but ultimately, creating an interface that is as intuitive as possible is the holy grail. This is where the hard part comes […]

6 years, 5 months ago