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10 Key UI Design Trends to Implement Now

Trends within the digital design landscape change rapidly as new ideas and innovations occur – so it’s critical to stay on top of whats new and try new implementations on a regular basis. Current rising trends in user interface design are new ideas, while others embrace tried-and-tested methods, tweaking them slightly to adapt within the interface and digital advancement or user needs. The following are some of the new (and critical) elements that have caught the eye of ux/ui designers industrywide. As always, with new ideas and implementations, testing is key to ensure each new design introduced is optimal for the site it is representing. Optimized Navigation An integral element to the aspect ui is the design of it’s core navigation. This is the system of parts that helps a user move around the experience, helping them find what they need, get deeper into information and complete a task. All elements should be highly intuitive. […]

5 years, 9 months ago
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Trending: Best Practices in Scrolling Types

Standard scrolling is not a new trend, though the proper implementation of it’s features are a hotly contested debate. With sites developing more in depth content and the prevalence of parallax and animated sites as well as constant information stream applications, the approach of scrolling is evolving to site and content specifications. Scrolling is an integral aspect of many programs and applications – allowing an easier flow of communication to the user, providing a more engaging experience. With 3 general types of scrolling – full page, parallax and infinite – the implementation has become almost essential for todays information processing. Full Page Scrolling As the most standard approach, full page scrolling has become very popular with the widespread use of mobile devices. Smaller screens force the user to almost constantly scroll to read all the content on the page. Users are very comfortable with scrolling because of this full page […]

6 years, 3 months ago