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The Evolution of Flat Design

Originally a major market disruptor, flat design has been a staple among top brands redesigning logos and looking to redefine their brand identities with the use of the trend-setting design implementation. Personified by 2D illustrations, clean, smooth, crisp edges and bright even monochromatic color schemes – flat design has traditionally been marked by a simplified, digital aesthetic, free of gradients and shadows, choosing to oppose artificial realism and intricacies in favor of simple iconography. In a phase where usability and efficiency has dominated the digital sphere, flat design helped designers and site owners by affording the design a much faster load time as extra elements are not present and elements are streamlined, allowing the faster site to resize and form around the navigation (content, rows and columns) it displays. As the maximalist trend has gained ground over simplicity and minimalism, flat design has been forced to evolve – morphing into […]

3 years, 6 months ago
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Balancing Content and Simplicity in UI Design

A digital content strategy can prove to be the most important relationship that a company shares with its audience, helping to build authenticity and ample conversion opportunities. A successful content implementation builds trust and develops a connection without actually being face to face, however, when it comes to designing a clean and minimal user interface to represent the content, it’s common that the content editing process becomes a problem. The process of designing and developing a user-centered interface that is simple yet effective is no small feat, particularly when there is detailed content at hand. Distilling information down to the core meaning, while remaining coherent and resonant is a powerful approach and can mean, among many other benefits, a sustained level of heightened conversion and a better user experience – but getting there can be a winding road. Many shy away from a minimalist approach to content and design because adding, […]

4 years, 11 months ago
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The Subtle Fundamentals of UI Design

There are countless techniques, tips, tricks and rules to craft resonant and functional interfaces, however, it’s a small group of truly effective methods that rise to the top when attempting to deliver a truly useful and at the same time, beautiful design. Much of creative web technique is centered around interface design, as it is the front line of media engagement. Attention to every detail is what sets apart an outstanding website from it’s sub-par counterparts. Paying attention to, and applying a few benchmark, high-level details can ensure a more intuitive experience, and a more satisfied user. Grouping items and subjects that are interconnected must be grouped together and visible on screen to show they are related. Alternately, if they are completely individual, they should be separated. Focusing on consistency by keeping the same implementations in place throughout a site with allow the user to become more comfortable with the material at hand. Placing buttons and content in the same places […]

6 years, 1 month ago