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Challenges of the Single Page Application

The rising popularity of the single page interface has shown it’s alignment with the times through a simplicity approach, but it’s important to understand why this application may or may not work for a specific brand, product or service. The single page interface (SPI), more popularly known as the Single Page Application (SPA) is a website interface or web application that conforms to a single web page, providing a more seamless, faster and more fluid user experience mainly because the information is never required to reload and is all available at one glance (information at your fingertips, illuminated). While there is a great deal of appeal in providing this UX approach, the content with regard to site architecture must be analyzed to ensure the right design is implemented. While ideal for a brand with a single product or service, the use of an SPA would be less recommended for an ecommerce […]

5 years, 9 months ago