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The Organized UI: Prioritizing Content Through Visual Hierarchy

When planning out an interface with any amount of information, there is content, in both visual and contexual format, that must be organized for the maximum user experience. Using type, color, contrast, shape, placement and scale, among other layout qualities – a designer can organize elements on a page so that users gets a sense of visual importance – leading them to a greater chance of engagement. With the great deal of weight placed on user experience and pathways today, visual hierarchy can be a great instrument in the toolbox of a ui designer and site owner. Both content creators and designers must align to create a strategy for prioritizing their content. Benefits of Using Visual Hierarchy Hierarchy guides the user from one element to the next, ideally in a flow that corresponds to the content’s message. Creating a visual hierarchy provides a bird’s eye view on how to design so that users engage with […]

7 years, 1 month ago
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UX Design and Its Most Important Rules

There are a myriad of directions you can move towards when it comes to UX design. You can focus on the design elements to be more pleasing to the eye, you can improve the findability of your site, or you can focus on providing a rewarding navigation path for the users just to name a few things. It’s a better idea to focus on some of the more important rules for UX design. Here are five that you should pay attention to. Rule #1 Meet the Expectations of Your User Even if the goal is to improve the experience of the users, design projects can often sidetrack and lead to a big departure from the primary focus. If you neglect everything else, the most important rule that you should follow is to meet the expectations of the user. Where did the user come from and what did the user come […]

7 years, 3 months ago
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The Importance of Getting Your Site Design and Architecture Right

Have you ever wondered how you should be structuring your website? What would be the best way to wire-frame the site and get desired sitemap? For instance, how should you structure the navigation menu? What kind of pages should be grouped together? What kind of layout should the pages follow? Just thinking about the whole process can be overwhelming and most companies end up getting lazy with their site design and architecture and just structuring their website in a way that feels natural to them. What these companies don’t know is that most of the time, they hardly feel natural for the end users. While smaller sites (around five to ten pages) do not really need much site architecture planning, big sites depend on them to thrive. A properly organized site will provide relevant content while also connecting users to other content that is contextually relevant or progresses their original […]

8 years, 7 months ago