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Decoding the Mind of Your User

From the UI process of developing user personas, a site owner or designer must dig deeper to truly understand the mind of their user. For a site redesign or refresh, this will mean using existing analytics and behavioral data to funnel users to the desired destinations. For a newly launching site, initial queries must be posed to determine critical aspects to user pathways such as: motivation levels habits theoretical patterns information relevance expectations Since ultimately the main focus is on the user and on a user’s requirements the importance of this stage cannot be stressed enough. Performing the ‘due diligence’ in uncovering the information of the user mind will highlight the assets needed to develop firm user pathways and a strong site architecture. With regard to an expanded reach and the goal of a bigger market share, multiple user personas should be determined and developed into in depth user profiles. With the prevalence […]

7 years, 2 months ago
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The Benefits of User Research

Why Do the Research? Understanding your audience is the most important step in beginning the design strategy for your brand. Focusing on your audience’s behaviors, needs and motivations can pave the way for the best possible designs that will appeal to the user experience. Common methods used in evaluating your users involve observation techniques, task analysis and other feedback strategies. Why go through this process? To truly understand the impact of designs on the intended users. As with any type of user research, the subjects must be studied for the purpose of a greater level of understanding – once that level is achieved, the necessary or wanted improvements can be made in order to build that ideal web and brand environment. How? To ensure that the needed research is thorough, analysts can consider speaking directly to their interviewees, engaging in contextual interviews that will enable observation of the users in […]

7 years, 5 months ago