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3 Ways to Structure Your Info for Better UX

Organizational structures are all about allowing users to predict where they will find information on the website, taking into account their individual expectations and displaying those elements so that they can transfer that familiarity from known pages to new ones. In plain English: If they are familiar with a certain button placement or content flow on the first pages they peruse, then their eyes will automatically look for a similar layout on the following pages. The visual center of the brain accounts for 50% of our user experience preferences, so it is extremely important to give a lot of thought to your page’s structure; here are a few categories included in organizational structure to help break it all down. Heirarchical Structures Sometimes referred to as “tree structures,” when implementing heirarchical structures there is a top down approach as the user sifts through information. Your audience would start with a broad […]

7 years, 1 month ago