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The Evolution of Flat Design

Originally a major market disruptor, flat design has been a staple among top brands redesigning logos and looking to redefine their brand identities with the use of the trend-setting design implementation. Personified by 2D illustrations, clean, smooth, crisp edges and bright even monochromatic color schemes – flat design has traditionally been marked by a simplified, digital aesthetic, free of gradients and shadows, choosing to oppose artificial realism and intricacies in favor of simple iconography. In a phase where usability and efficiency has dominated the digital sphere, flat design helped designers and site owners by affording the design a much faster load time as extra elements are not present and elements are streamlined, allowing the faster site to resize and form around the navigation (content, rows and columns) it displays. As the maximalist trend has gained ground over simplicity and minimalism, flat design has been forced to evolve – morphing into […]

3 years, 6 months ago
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Web Design Refresh: How Often Do You Need It And When?

As a brand grows – whether it’s services change or products are added – updates to a website are necessary to reflect the most current and up to date information. Reflecting these revisions to the customer facing website is often one of the most critical steps to gaining conversion. The main issue is that many site owners become too comfortable with their current format, making updates a daunting task. A Conversion Driven Prospect Whether a website redesign is to communicate brand values or to provide valuable information for your customers – a company’s goals are constantly changing. What’s critical here is that you are clear on what you’re trying to achieve with the website. If your goal is lead generation, and new prospects are not coming in at the desired rate, then it’s time to look at the format and message of your website. Additionally, user journeys should be assessed to […]

3 years, 9 months ago
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The Subtle Fundamentals of UI Design

There are countless techniques, tips, tricks and rules to craft resonant and functional interfaces, however, it’s a small group of truly effective methods that rise to the top when attempting to deliver a truly useful and at the same time, beautiful design. Much of creative web technique is centered around interface design, as it is the front line of media engagement. Attention to every detail is what sets apart an outstanding website from it’s sub-par counterparts. Paying attention to, and applying a few benchmark, high-level details can ensure a more intuitive experience, and a more satisfied user. Grouping items and subjects that are interconnected must be grouped together and visible on screen to show they are related. Alternately, if they are completely individual, they should be separated. Focusing on consistency by keeping the same implementations in place throughout a site with allow the user to become more comfortable with the material at hand. Placing buttons and content in the same places […]

6 years, 1 month ago
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Trending: Best Practices in Scrolling Types

Standard scrolling is not a new trend, though the proper implementation of it’s features are a hotly contested debate. With sites developing more in depth content and the prevalence of parallax and animated sites as well as constant information stream applications, the approach of scrolling is evolving to site and content specifications. Scrolling is an integral aspect of many programs and applications – allowing an easier flow of communication to the user, providing a more engaging experience. With 3 general types of scrolling – full page, parallax and infinite – the implementation has become almost essential for todays information processing. Full Page Scrolling As the most standard approach, full page scrolling has become very popular with the widespread use of mobile devices. Smaller screens force the user to almost constantly scroll to read all the content on the page. Users are very comfortable with scrolling because of this full page […]

6 years, 3 months ago
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Switching Up Your UX/UI

While UX/UI is not a new concept, the buzz has substantially increased within the past 5 years. UX is defined as the process of enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability, ease of use, and enjoyment provided in the interaction between the customer and product. While this has been prevalent within every industry since the 1940s, the expansion of mobile and web usability has made this more relevant than ever. 

 Every organization wants to know – how can we improve UX for our customers, and be known as the most valuable agency? How can be the company that users go to, with the best experience across all platforms? 

 To optimize web usability, determine what changes you believe would be effective for the image of your brand and company. Depending on the company, switching tactics can have a negative effect on your image – well-recognized brands like […]

6 years, 7 months ago