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UI Design Process: How Do You Prototype?

Whether it is with an internal team or client, having the tools to effectively present an idea and show the process to delivery is integral in gaining stakeholder approval and ultimately, the best end product. The path of designing an interface is no different that any other creative process. Designers require a toolbox to aid in the communication and visual aspects of the project, and prototyping is the main driver for helping this process along. Determining what method to adopt for a specific ui design project will depend on the content, team cognition, budget & time constraints as well as the preference of the design and development teams. Sketching Sketching, albeit low-fi, is perhaps the most innovative route when developing an interface. Sitting down to pen and paper leaves the possibilities open to all possibilities and no constraints. It allows the designer to explore the problem and come up with a solution through experimentation. Without […]

6 years, 11 months ago
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A Fine Balance: UI Design Layout Strategies

Layout, while related to the overall design of a site, is truly about the experience of moving through an interface, being able to easily identify and locate what is needed as quickly and intuitively as possible. Further, a truly effective web design is judged not by a creative director or site owners, but ultimately by the site user. The greatest of importance has been placed on user experience – and this must be of the utmost importance when implementing user interface design. To begin, while it may seem rudimentary, it is helpful to get thoughts on paper – even sketches. Many designers jump right to the comfort of their CS thinking that inspiration and innovation will come. Taking a moment to gather information and content from a kick off, truly taking into consideration the needs of a user will bring ultimate payoff in conversion rates. Speaking more technically, wire framing and prototyping […]

7 years, 3 months ago