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ESD Cloud Media ESD Cloud Media @esdcloudmedia

The Future UI/UX: From The Ground Up by Kate Owen available on Amazon.

Buy it now for only $9.99:…

5 months ago
Millionaireswebdesign Millionaireswebdesign @Millionaireswe1

It’s an extension of your brand and a virtual experience for your consumers. When you’re choosing a site developer,…

5 months ago
MrsChaluwa MrsChaluwa @NkemDilicious

Why do I have up to 30 screens for just one task in this app I’m designing?
Is this normal? Or am I overdoing it? 😭…

5 months ago
Oke O.C Oke O.C @Lynxxt

@Twitter fam, Today’s challenge was to recreate a landing page designed by Studio.

What are your thoughts thou?…

5 months ago
Jonathan Aufray Jonathan Aufray @jonathan_aufray

A User Interface Is Like A Joke.
If You Have To Explain It, It’s Not That Good.

#UserInterface #UI #UserExperience

6 months ago
Millionaireswebdesign Millionaireswebdesign @Millionaireswe1

Around 48% of visitors form a decision in 5 seconds when they land on your website.
The site realness and validit…

6 months ago
Galaxy Weblinks Galaxy Weblinks @galaxyweblinks

Follow this UX design process path to learn about each step and what they consist of!

To learn more about our UX d…

6 months ago
TwoHabits TwoHabits @twohabits

Glow by Olena Aksenova — This is a design concept of jewellery online shop.


6 months ago
Stack Overflow Jobs Stack Overflow Jobs @StackDevJobs

Software Engineering – UI Developer(ReactJS) at JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A (Bengaluru, India) #userinterface

6 months ago
hasibul khan hasibul khan @Hasibul_bpb

Looking for a UX/UI designer?
hire me on

I’ll help you to design your web site/mobile app…

6 months ago
BinaryMetrix Technologies BinaryMetrix Technologies @binary_metrix

Website is the first need for any business to grow online. You will also get to know about such changes/features h…

7 months ago
Calibraint Technologies Calibraint Technologies @Calibraint_Tech

Jumpstart Your Business & Excel Your Targets with Feature-rich Comfy Mobile Applications! #Calibraint

7 months ago
ConnectReseller ConnectReseller @ConnectReseller

Happy to announce our new reseller dashboard interface! Have a quick look by logging into your reseller panel.…

7 months ago

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