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wonderuiux wonderuiux @wonderuiux

What’s your opinion?
UI design by @cubertodesign
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1 week ago
Yellowchalk Design Yellowchalk Design @YellowchalkUIUX

With almost every digital platform supporting dark mode – what do you think is the biggest design advantage (or dis…

1 week ago
dmale dmale @dmalestreams

❗️Моя работа, веб-дизайн, UX / UI, web / app, music player, interactive
🤓ДЗ 2 – курс

1 week ago
Jagjit Singh Makkar Jagjit Singh Makkar @logosbyjuggy

I hope #tooter is a practical joke / prank. And they will reveal it in a few days, saying, “We were only kidding!”…

1 week ago
FilesThruTheAir FilesThruTheAir @FilesThruTheAir

Looking for a flexible and user-friendly display solution?
You need PanelPilotACE. Try the free software now!

3 weeks ago
Ionixx Technologies Ionixx Technologies @IonixxTech

Make your #UIUXdesign an unforgettable experience for your users.

Innovate unique strategies to enhance your…

3 weeks ago
8y5 studio 8y5 studio @8y5studio

Today we are sharing a dashboard design concept, using #Fitbit app data and matching their interface design element…

3 weeks ago
Walking Tree Walking Tree @walkingtreetech

There’s a way to overcome this through the laws of UI design. We have put together the 10 laws of UI design to enh…

3 weeks ago
Notice Notice @noticehq

Tony Goff-Yu

→ Designer
→ Freelance
→ Available: 23rd November
→ London, UK…

3 weeks ago
DigitalAssistantAcademy DigitalAssistantAcademy @DigitalAssist11

Google Assistant smart displays like the Nest Hub recently got an updated, more intuitive user interface that makes…

3 weeks ago
Bernhard Bernhard @bhdzllr

What is the leading UI design tool or which one is recommended? Adobe XD? Sketch? Win or macOS. Thx. #designer

3 weeks ago
Scketch Scketch @ScketchDigital

User retention isn’t a mystical endeavor. Mitigate bounce rates and keep users hooked and engaged by implementing i…

1 month ago
Joona Kallio Joona Kallio @joonakallio

Hey @GMC! Please fix the #hummerEV oval #gauge #design! It looks like as the screen aspect ratio is screwed up. Bet…

1 month ago
Jadu Jadu @jadu

In case you missed it… here’s a video showing the #UserInterface updates that you and your colleagues may notice…

1 month ago

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